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Welcome to ASHRAE®- Rockford Chapter 119
Tuesday February 11, 2003 Minutes
CRC 2004
CRC 2004 Registration Form


Rockford Chapter 119

February 11, 2003


Meeting Minutes


Mark McInnis


Matt Austin

Sergio Zamora


Jeff Francis


Jeff McCoy

Bob Johnson

Pattie Krippendorf

Bill Kushner


Perry Salvadovini


Jerry Morsch


Mitesh Bhalavat


Pat Folz



  • 5:02pm meeting called to order.
  • Meeting minutes from previous month were approved.
  • Treasurers report was submitted and approved.
  • CRC update - Mark emailed Sergio that the Vice President is responsible for the Chapter Report booklet. Bill Kushner has the CRC agenda. Bill to email the agenda to Pattie, Mark and Jeff McCoy. He and Pattie need to meet with the Clock Tower people to go over their contract (our commitment to use, number of rooms well guarantee). A deposit of $1500 (to come from the Region) will secure the dates at the Clock Tower. Bill said we still need to come up with ideas on entertainment. We also need sponsors of major companies. CRC 2003 is in Cedar Rapids April 24-26. Those going for sure so far are Mark, Bill, Sergio,Jeff McCoy, Pat Folz and Pattie Krippendorf. Pat Folz to order 250 calendar magnets to hand out in Cedar Rapids. These will will say "Rockford Ashrae CRC 2004" and the dates (April 29-May 2) will be highlighted.


  • Web site update The Rockford Ashrae website is Additional information (articles, news, pictures, etc. ) needs to be submitted to Pat Folz and she will forward to her daughter to update. Jeff Francis suggested getting pictures off the Internet such as the Clock Tower, Rock River, etc. Pat will have her daughter check into that.
  • Engineering Week update Mitesh Bhalavat said the Ashrae booth will be on Water Purification. It will be Saturday, Feb. 22nd only, from 10:00am to 2:00pm, at the Discovery Center.
  • Scholarship Fund - A motion was made and seconded for our chapter to award a scholarship ($500.00) to Kimberly Corrigan, a student at Rock Valley College. Jeff Francis will invite her to next months meeting to receive the award.

  • Meeting adjourned at 5:50pm.
  • Our next meeting will be on 03-11-03. Details to follow.

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