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Welcome to ASHRAEŽ- Rockford Chapter 119
April 8th, 2003
CRC 2004
CRC 2004 Registration Form


Rockford Chapter 119

April 8, 2003

Meeting Minutes

MarkMcInnis                                  X

Matt  Austin                               X    

Sergio Zamora                                X

Jeff  Francis                                X

Jeff McCoy                                    X

Bob Johnson

Pattie Krippendorf                          X

Bill Kushner                               X

Perry Salvadovini                            X

Jerry Morsch                    

Mitesh Bhalavat                               

PatFolz                                      X  

      >4:40 p.m. called meeting to order.

      >Meeting minutes from previous month were submitted and approved.

      >Treasures report was submitted and approved.  Pattie brought up the concern regarding the outdated names and documents that need to be provided in order to access our account information.  Pattie will fill out the appropriate forms.

      >CRC 2003 - Sergio and Jeff McCoy will be this year's delegate and alternate.  No motions will be brought forward at this year's event.  Sergio also requested that Mark review this year's booklet prior to the event. 

      >Media Liaison- No new information.

      >CRC 2004 - The CRC 2004 committee will meet at 1500 prior to our next ashrae meeting.  Action items will need to be developed and assigned.  There are several good ideas that need to be moved into action plans. 

      Web Site Update- All is good.

      > Spirit of volunteering - Perry has agreed to segue from the position of b.o.g. into next year's treasurer.  Nice work Perry.

      >Golf Outing - This year's golf outing will again be held at Silver Ridge g.c. Friday, June 13th.

      > Ashrae Research - Bill discussed this year's contributors and will follow up with the coins of appreciation.

>Meeting adjourned at 5:20.

>Our next meeting will be on 05-06-03. Details to follow.

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