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Welcome to ASHRAE- Rockford Chapter 119
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
CRC 2004
CRC 2004 Registration Form

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Rockford Chapter 119

November 11, 2003



Meeting Minutes



Mark McInnis


Matt Austin

Sergio Zamora


Jeff Francis


Jeff McCoy


Bob Johnson


Pattie Krippendorf


Bill Kushner


Perry Salvadovini


Jerry Morsch


Mitesh Bhalavat


Pat Folz

Randy Boettcher






      4:30pm meeting called to order.


      October meeting minutes were not available.


      Treasurers report - was submitted and approved.  (Perry is still having some difficulty getting anyone to talk to him about the Vanguard account)



Sergio would like the Dinner reservation list brought to every meeting so that we have the right count for dinner and also to track attendance.  If there is a no show, they will be invoiced for their dinner.


      Jeff McCoy said the December meeting is a speaker from Canada who is associated with Ferguson/Thrall


      Sergio had a copy of the Iowa Chapters meeting agendas.  He would like us to incorporate some of their ideas into ours, ie. a map to the meeting location.  He emailed a copy to all the members, and would like everyone to take a look at it to see what other ideas we can use in the Rockford Chapters agendas.


      Sergio passed around a petition for all members to sign.  This was initiated by Gil Avery and directed to the Ashrae Board of Directors.  This petition is to reduce the number of signatures (from 300 to 200 and from 150 to 100 from any one chapter), which is required to place an issue on the ballot for a vote by the general membership.  Sergio asked that everyone make sure to read and sign.  


      Greg Struder from Ferguson Thrall will do the vendor table at next months meeting.


      W.W. Grainger will donate a cordless shop vac for the December raffle drawing.


      Jeff McCoy will contact Bill Kushner about setting up another CRC meeting.


      We have 3 new members: Brett Hull from Connor Co. is here - Dane Resh from Columbia Pipe and Tom Whitaker Jr. from Applied Chemical Technology did not attend tonights meeting.


      Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.


      Our next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec.9, 2003   Details to follow.


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