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Welcome to ASHRAE- Rockford Chapter 119
Tuesday, February 10, 2004
CRC 2004
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Rockford Chapter 119

February 10, 2004


                                              Meeting Minutes


Sergio Zamora

Matt Austin

Jeff McCoy

Jeff Francis

Pattie Krippendorf

Bob Johnson

Perry Salvadovini


Bill Kushner

Mitesh Bhalavat


Jerry Morsch


Randy Boettcher

Pat Folz







      4:46pm meeting called to order.


      December meeting minutes were not available to be read.


      Treasurers report - was submitted and approved.  (Perry has the password set up for the Vanguard fund.)   Much appreciation was shown for Perrys efforts and the fact that he will consider being the Treasurer for a second year.


      Sergio reviewed that all Committee Chairs should attempt to come to the ASHRAE meetings.   


      Jeff McCoy informed the group that Giovannis has raised the meal rate by $3.00.   Group discussion and it was decided that we would inform the members of this rate increase but explain to them that the our Dinner fee would stay the same until the fall season starts back up.


      Jeff McCoy presented the meal attendance list and Pattie will assist Perry in collecting the monies for the meal.


      Discussed the topic for the March meeting -  Ryan Petty from the Chamber of Commerce.   Bill congratulated Jeff on securing this speaker.


      Bill reviewed CRC


        Blue shirts were agreed upon and Pat will order them.  They will say CRC 2004 Rockford

        Bill has finalized all the meal selections with the Clock Tower

        Bill complimented Jeff McCoy on his fund raising abilities and success

        Bill reviewed with Pattie & Pat how important the flyer is.

        Randy has found the band and will book that night for 3 hours

        The entire group thanked Bill for all his hard work and effort.

No round table discussion.


      Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

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