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Welcome to ASHRAE- Rockford Chapter 119
Tuesday, March 9, 2004 Meeting Minutes
CRC 2004
CRC 2004 Registration Form

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                  Rockford Chapter 119


                 March 9, 2004

                                                Meeting Minutes


Sergio Zamora

Matt Austin

Jeff McCoy

Jeff Francis

Pattie Krippendorf

Bob Johnson


Perry Salvadovini


Bill Kushner

Randy Boettcher


Mark McInis

Pat Folz









            4:46pm meeting called to order.


            Secretary minutes were approved


            Treasurers report - was submitted and approved. 


            Remaining program topics were reviewed.  Jeff McCoy to determine the April meeting topic.   We need different topic ideas for increasing attendance.


            CRC -  


                Mark McInis to get bus for CRC.  

                Sergio was asking about ideas for prizes.   It was decided to spend $75.00 for three prices (25 each).  

                Jack Janssen is taking care of the Welcome Table.

                Bill Kushner gave a summary of the companion events.   We commend and appreciate the work that Lorrie, Susan and Karen have put into this.   Bill have one more meeting with the Clock Tower to mineralize shuttles.

                Fundraising -  Jeff McCoy to make a board with everyones donations listed so it will be recognized at CRC

                Bill needed reimbursement for the Tea Room and Klehm facility

                Perry to set up a spreadsheet to track the money

                Randy reviewed the entertainment --  Trash 80s is the new band.  Going rate is $750.00 for the band

                CRC shirts were distributed


            Jeff Francis reviewed the student applications and it was agreement that we would give to both individuals.   This will be presented at the April meeting.


            Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.


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