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Welcome to ASHRAE- Rockford Chapter 119

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 Meeting Minutes

CRC 2004
CRC 2004 Registration Form

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Rockford Chapter 119


September 14, 2004

                                              Meeting Minutes


Jeff McCoy

Matt Austin

Pattie Krippendorf

Jeff Francis

Pat Folz

Sergio Zamora

Perry Salvadovini


Bill Kushner

Randy Boettcher


Dave Anderson











            4:10pm meeting called to order.


            Meeting Minutes – 1st meeting – no prior minutes to approve

                                    - no outstanding action items from previous meeting


            Treasurer’s report

 By Perry Salvadorini - was submitted and approved


            Future Month’s Topics:


      Pattie For future month’s topics suggested we do a tour of Lamb Assembly, and also do a meeting where we bring in past Ashrae Presidents – possibly for the December meeting

There may be a possibility of AFE and/or PICRA doing a joint meeting or tour with us.

      Other possible tours mentioned were the NIU chilled water plant, Bergstrom Mfg. and Eiger Labs.

      Bill Kushner - will speak on  Resource Promotion at the December Meeting

      October’s meeting will be a presentation by Mechanical, Inc. on Indoor Air Quality




Jeff FrancisSuggested that we can advertise in the local papers for free to attract   new members.


Other suggestions to attract new members – 1) Job fairs and/or College days at RVC, Rockford College,NIU  2) paying for their meeting dinners   3) do a Habitat for Humanity for public relation purposes





           New Business


Copies of the Manual for Chapter Operations for Ashrae were distributed.  They were approved as submitted.


          Website Update


It was approved to put our Chapter website on the Region’s domain. Cost to our chapter will be $100 per year.   Pat Folz - will work with Benny Skelton, the Region Webmaster, to get that done.



          Constitution & ByLaws Updates


Copies of the Manual for Chapter Operations for Ashrae were distributed.  They were approved as submitted.


     PAOE points


Bill Kushner – Said that keeping track of PAOE points are a good indicator of how the chapter is doing, but felt that having good programs and good attendance would be the most important thing to running a successful chapter.


          Action Items


To be reviewed at next month’s meeting:

1.  Bill KushnerRecommended that we discuss what our plans are on distributing the funds from CRC.  Some possible suggestions include: a  paid “night out” for the volunteers, put money into the Student Scholarship fund.

2.  Jeff McCoy  - would like recommendations by next meeting for vendor tables


            Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm.  Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 12th – Details to follow.

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